Mrs Amy123
In my personal life I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful and clever daughters (ages 2 and 1) and 2 very fluffy dogs (Golden Retriever and a Japanese Spitz).

I completed my teaching degree in 2009 in a special internship program where I got to work along side a teacher in a classroom for the whole year! It was an incredible experience, one I am very grateful for. I feel I learnt more than most teachers would on their own in their first three year! I graduated with a highly outstanding for my ATP (final teaching practicum).

I then did a one year country stint in a small rural town. It was a nice little town and I wish I had done more in my time there but it was a fantastic setting for my first classroom of my own.

At the end of that year I knew I wanted to head back to my home town, the third largest city in Western Australia. I didn't think I had much of chance of getting a job as they were in short supply and high demand at the time. I tried to get use to the idea of relief teaching but was worried I would get bored without the planning, relationships and creative outlets. I decided if I wasn't successful I would do a psychology degree while relief teaching. I can still remember the phone conversation word for word when I got a job! It was a huge achievement! No one could wipe the smile from my face! But I also couldn't get rid of the idea of learning more about psychology so I committed to doing a certificate in psychology (basically the first year of a Psychology degree) while teaching.

Since then I have been at the same school. First in year 1, then year 3 for two years, a split 2/3, maternity leave for a year and this year is still technically confidential. I love staying at the same school and getting to know families and seeing children grow. While year 3 is my absolute favourite year I like moving grades to keep things interesting and fresh.

I love bright colours in my classroom and having display that serve practical purposes not just look pretty.

My lesson feature a variety of learning strategies including cooperative learning strategies, thinking tools and recording templates. I love hands on activities and most of my lessons do not have a designated worksheet.

I set my expectations for students high and make lessons that cater for a wide range of abilities.

I create just about everything myself for my classroom. Creating resources and designing units is more like a hobby for my than work.

My top three strengths in teaching are lesson planning, facilitating lessons (teaching) and relationships with students.

My biggest weaknesses in teaching are parent relationships, physical education and patience!
"I was born to be a teacher. It is my passion! If we had a choice to work or not I would still want to be a teacher!"