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This poster is perfect for helping students to set and achieve writing goals.

Print, cut, laminate and join chart together and display in your room. Make small cards with your students names on them and attach them to the chart using blu tac (or pegs, velcro etc).

Analyse students writing for the goal they most need to work on. As they achieve their goals (displayed multiple times) move them to another. Ensure you tell students this is not a sequence of goals, and they may return to a goal several times. Allow older children to select their own goal for greater ownership.

Below is a guide for what each goal could represent:

  • Handwriting: legibility, on the lines, correct formation
  • Full Stops: usage, correct usage
  • Capitals: start of a sentence, overuse, correct use
  • Punctuation: correct use, overuse, variety
  • Spelling: high-frequency words, spelling words, unknown words
  • Ideas: content, repetition, originality
  • Paragraphs: the line between, amount, content
  • Editing: use of editing code, making sense, picking up mistakes,
  • Vocabulary: focus words, new words, synonyms
  • Conclusion: evaluative comment, reflection, summary
  • Introduction: Who, what, when, where, overview
  • Detail: adjectives, amount of sentences
  • Time: completed in the allotted time

I recommend printing in A3. This resource is best suited for middle primary.

This resource includes:

  • Explanation Page (1 page)
  • Writing Poster (5 pages)

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