Year 3 NAPLAN Revision Quizzes

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These 12 quizzes can be used one per day until NAPLAN in term 2 or one per week from the start of the year to revise all the concepts year 3 students need to know. They allow students to become familiar with the question structure providing them with the fullest chance to display their ability in the test.

Included are:
♦ Explanation page (1 page)
♦ Planner (1 page)
♦ 12 quizzes (12 pages)
♦ Answer keys (12 pages)

✩Each quiz covers particular topics from maths and language conventions to make revision easy and focused. Download the preview file to see what each test covers.

✩Each Quiz is based around specific concepts so you can easily summarise one weeks learning and/or pick up on gaps in students knowledge. The quizzes should take an average student approximately 15 minutes to complete.

✩Please download the preview to see the format of the quizzes.

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