Chicken and Egg Craft- Great for Easter or Lifecycles

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This is a really cute, educational tasks that practice fine motor skills. Great for teaching lifecycles or as an Easter craft.

Students colour or paint the three pictures (chicken, egg and chick). They then cut the three pieces out, making sure to leave the grey tab on each of them. Hole punch the centre of the hole on the grey tabs and line all the pieces up so that the chicken is on top and the chick is on the bottom. Put a split pin through the holes and split.

Students will then be able to hide the chick and the egg behind the chicken to being. First, the chicken lays the egg (with the chick inside). Then then the egg can break apart to reveal the chick. Hide the eggshell pieces back behind the chicken.

Included are:

  • Chicken, chick and egg pieces (1 page)

Please note, this activity is included in Year 2 Biological Science- Living Things.



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