Christmas Ideas

If you are like me, then you still have 2 weeks left of school!

My students actually have swimming in the last 2 weeks which I think is the absolute BEST time to have swimming! It means less planning for me and even more of an excuse to just put the T.V. on at the end of each day.

But in the time we are at school I do still need to do some teaching and I prefer to do crafts/activities that are educational in some way.

Today I want to take you through my favourite Christmas activities.

Technically in the last two weeks of term my theme is 'Celebrations' so we look at lots of other special days around the world including Hanukkah, Diwali and Chinese New Year. We also look at how different countries celebrate Christmas. I use all the activities in this activity pack including comprehension, poems and a design and tech project.

These 3D nets are a great mini maths lesson that reviews 3D objects and their attributes. You can also get students to design a cute Christmas village using blank nets.

My students always love this financial planning activity. Students get to plan a Christmas party with a budget. I also collect a whole heap of Christmas catalogues and get students to 'buy' presents for their whole family on a budget. 

You guys know I am a big fan of problem solving so of course I have a Christmas themed one. We do a few questions over a few days.

I also have a pack of fun Christmas themed graphing questions but I actually don't use the worksheets with my students. This pack contains a large graph you can print and display which I then get my students to help me construct. I then project the questions on the board and we answer them together.

During the last couple of weeks of school I like to keep my students writing. We alternate between the different text types by choosing one of these prompts each day. There are so many prompts you can pick the ones you think your students will be best motivated by.

I hope that helps you fill up your last few days with your students. 


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