Units and resources that cover the Health Australian Curriculum outcomes.
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Sun Safety and Skin Unit- 3 Year Level Planners and Resources-ACARA Aligned

In this unit students learn skin, the effects the sun can have on their bodies and how they can protect themselves.It features 3 separate planners covering years 1/2, 3/4 and...

Healthy Living Unit! Healthy Eating, Exercising, Being Happy and Clean!

This download features a four-page planner covering 10 lessons and includes all worksheets, printable activities, assessments and an assessment rubric! All the lessons are fun, engaging, educating, include lots of...

First Aid Unit

This First Aid Unit features engaging and educational learning activities to teach students basic first aid techniques, including the concept of DRS ABCD and what to do in an emergency....

Fruit and Vegetable Information Texts

This resource is great for teaching why fruit and vegetables are healthy. This download includes 12 short informational texts on common fruits and vegetables. 2 Retrieval charts (one for fruit, one...

Fire Safety Unit - Great for fire prevention week!

A complete fire safety unit comprising of 10 lessons. Included is the planner, worksheets, assessment, posters, word wall and links to online videos and games.✩It teaches students how to identify...

Nutrient Texts and Activity

This download includes 5 short texts on the nutrients calcium, protein, vitamins, fat and carbohydrates. It also includes a matching activity of proteins to a food source.Included are: 5 Informational...