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Want to have more time for yourself and your family? Want to feel like you have conquered the Australian Curriculum and are doing the best by your students?

This Australian Curriculum Year 2/3 Ultimate Composite Bundle is a collection of all my units that combine the outcomes for Year 2 & 3 into easy to teach units. This bundle is guaranteed to make juggling two sets of learning outcomes so much easier!

This ultimate bundle also comes with editable planners, learning intentions, and a grading guide! So, if teaching a split class has you stressed out to the max, this bundle is the solution.

Bundle Includes:

5 Text Type Units:
*These Text Type Units are linked to Year 3/4 units. Please note, the units in this bundle have been written for both 2 and 3 and are not available separately. 

  • Persuasive Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn about the elements of a persuasive writing text and how to effectively construct their own.
  • Narrative Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn about the elements of a narrative text and how to effectively construct their own engaging narrative.
  • Poetry Writing Unit
    In this unit, students' creativity is sparked as they learn to write different types of poems. 
  • Procedure Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn to write and analyse procedural texts.
  • Report Writing Unit
    In this unit, students learn to write and analyse procedural texts.

4 HASS Units:

  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders
  • Australia & Its Neighbours
  • Past & Present Community
  • Earth

6 Science Units (2 x 10 lessons + 4 x 5 lessons):

  • Biological Sciences Unit
  • Chemical Science Unit
  • Earth & Space Unit
  • Physical Science Unit

4 Technologies Units:

  • Design Solutions Unit
    Students investigate the suitability of materials, systems, components, tools and equipment for a range of purposes.
  • Digital Systems Unit
    Students explore how a range of digital and information systems and solutions meet the needs of people.
  • Algorithms Unit
    Students explore algorithms involved in digital solutions to solve simple problems.
  • Materials & Forces Unit
    Students investigate how forces and the properties of materials affect the behaviour of a product or system.

3 Health Units

  • Health & Safety
    Students identify strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Identities & Emotions
    Students explore how success, challenge and failure strengthen identities and investigate emotional responses.
  • Keeping Safe
    Students build a bank of strategies they can use when they feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or management changes.

What are you waiting for? Save yourself loads of time and stress with this Australian Curriculum aligned Year 2/3 Ultimate Composite Unit Bundle!

Please note, this bundle IS NOT recommended for teachers of straight year 2 or 3 classrooms.

*The Technologies curriculum is done in bands F/1/2, 3/4 and 5/6 where the outcomes are to be covered over those years, not all in one year. When Technologies units in this bundle say 3/4 which means that it is covers outcomes from the Year 3/4 band. I chose units that shared overlap with the F/1/2 bands but didn't feel it was necessary to create combined units when not all the outcomes are required to be covered.

→ Please note, other than where stated, this product is not editable.

→ This file is zipped. Once downloaded, right-click the file and select ‘extract all’ to open.

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