Letters and Numbers Learning Mat

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Your students' eyes will light up when you pull out this vibrant, double sided mat.

Get their body moving as they use the mat for engaging activities involving numbers and letters. 

Students can hop, skip or jump through the mat or throw bean bags on it! 

Find letters or numbers, spell out words, solve maths problems, the options are endless.

Includes a list of activities to use for each side.

The reversible mat measures 1m by 2m. The letters are on lily pads in a river while the numbers are on rocks in a lava flow. 

Your students can perfect their gross motor skills by avoiding stepping in the crocodile infested waters or the molten hot lava. 

The font is custom with a nod to Sassoon and NSW Foundation font.

Made out of child safe TPU and PU Material, this mat is soft to stand on but strong. 

They come with 2 velcro strips to keep your mat rolled up when not in use. 

Shipping: $20.95. 

Free pick up is available from Beyond Games and Hobby Bunbury. Use the code BEYOND at checkout and then wait for email confirmation that your order is ready to pick up.


Cleaning: The mat can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. 



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