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Are you doing report writing for the first time this term? 

Or do you struggle to get your reports done on time without dedicating weekends and late nights to them?

If you are stressed out about the idea of doing reports this term, my proven 'How to Write Reports the Stress-Free Way' is here to help! 

This course gives teachers a step-by-step process to follow that ensure you get your reports done on time with minimal stress. 

In this course, I give you the exact system I use that has allowed me to get all my report writing done during school hours and usually handed in early! It gives my best tips and tricks to making report writing easier for Australian teachers, including how to write a great comment and halve your workload. 

Join my report writing course and feel more at ease this term! 

This course is loved by new graduates! But there are also tonnes of experienced teachers who have found value in this course. With the exclusive Facebook support group, I am there to support you through the whole process! 

I recommend, to help spread out the workload, that this course is best when it is started at least five weeks before your reports are due. 


  • Bonus Facebook Group

Exclusive access to a Facebook group that you can use for accountability or ask for help!

  •  Example Comments

Example comments which you can use in your own reports.

  •  Bonus Downloads

Includes editable downloads to make your report writing an easier process. 


Anj Baird says, " This course had my reports done well ahead of time and stress-free. For the first time in 11 years, my household didn't move out for the month of report writing. Fantastic!"

L.L. says, "Thanks so much for the group. I'm very grateful I started early because I had to take a week off this week. You never know when health or family issues will occur and this organised approach to reports saved me. Thanks so much."

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