When I was in university, I thought I was one of the lucky ones. A new curriculum had just come out, and I was going to be taught it from the start and not thrown into the deep end.

Jump ahead to my final year of uni, and out the window, the curriculum flew!
Not long after it was replaced, with the Australian Curriculum. Yah! Another curriculum to decode! (note sarcasm) Except there was no secret decoder ring to decipher it! No one to help!

It is great to have a curriculum to teach from but what does all that jargon mean? How do you teach it? Where do you find the time?!?!

That's where I come in. I've done the hard work for you!

I LOVE planning! I love creating units and making resources. I have spent hours picking apart the curriculum, understanding it, and then turning it into amazing, engaging lessons JUST FOR YOU!

My name is Amy, and I help passionate Aussie Teachers, just like you to save time when conquering the curriculum, by providing complete units and engaging resources!

I have been a teacher for almost a decade in Western Australia. I was born to be a teacher and enjoy it more than chocolate (except for those extremely hard days when I need a bucket full of chocolate to get through it!)

My complete units come with just about everything you need to teach them! They are of high quality but are succinct, so you don't have to spend forever reading how to teach it. They are a hit with the kids and feature a variety of collaborative learning activities. They even come with assessments and of course, are 100% aligned with the Australian Curriculum!

Stop making sacrifices! You don't have to give up time with your own children to be a good teacher! You don't have to have zero social life! You don't have to be stressed, to the max!

Let me do what I love to allow you more time to do what you love!

Head to my store and check out all the fabulous Australian Curriculum aligned complete units I have just waiting for you or the fun activities your students will beg to do again and again. You'll wish you found it earlier!

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So, who am I when I am not working on resources for you or in the classroom?

  • - I am married to an incredible man who I started dating back in high school. (Bet you said aww!)
  • - I have two amazing daughters. My eldest is 7-years old (Year 2) and Naia is 5-years old (PrePrimary) and they both attend the same school I work at.
  • - I have a Japanese Spitz called Shiloh. An adorable white and super fluffy dog, which means I take a bit of her to work each day. He turns ten this year. We also got a new addition late last year; River, a Golden Retriever.
  • - I've never wanted to be anything else but a teacher! 


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