From Overwhelm to Empowerment:  Conquering the Australian Curriculum

Meet Amy

Amy is a dedicated and passionate educator who understands the challenges faced by Australian teachers. Throughout her university years, she witnessed the ever-changing landscape of curricula, which left many educators feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. Amy's own experience of navigating multiple curricula ignited her desire to support teachers in conquering these challenges.

With a love for planning and a talent for creating engaging educational resources, Amy has invested countless hours in dissecting the curriculum, unraveling its complexities, and transforming it into comprehensive and captivating lessons. Her expertise lies in developing complete units that empower teachers to save valuable time and effectively teach the Australian Curriculum.

For over a decade, Amy has devoted herself to the field of education in Western Australia. Teaching is not just a profession for her; it is her true calling. Amy's passion for teaching surpasses even her love for chocolate (except on those extremely demanding days when a bucketful of chocolate is needed to get through). She wholeheartedly believes in the power of education to shape young minds and make a positive impact on society.

Amy's complete units are meticulously designed to provide educators with everything they need to deliver exceptional lessons. While being of the highest quality, her units are also concise, ensuring that teachers can spend less time deciphering instructions and more time engaging with their students. Amy's teaching resources have garnered great enthusiasm from students and feature a range of collaborative learning activities. In addition, her units include assessments to evaluate student progress, all while remaining fully aligned with the Australian Curriculum.

Gone are the days of sacrificing personal time and missing out on precious moments with loved ones. Amy's mission is to free teachers from excessive stress and workload, enabling them to reclaim their work-life balance. By leveraging her passion and expertise, Amy takes pleasure in lightening the load for fellow educators, granting them more time to focus on the aspects of teaching that they truly enjoy.

Explore Amy's online store and discover a treasure trove of Australian Curriculum-aligned complete units that are eagerly awaiting your arrival. These resources are not only highly effective in the classroom, but also enjoyable for students.

Don't wait any longer – unlock the potential of your teaching journey with Amy's exceptional resources. You'll wonder how you ever managed without them!

So, who is Amy when she's not busy crafting valuable resources for teachers or inspiring young minds in the classroom?

First and foremost, Amy is happily married to an incredible man who has been by her side since their high school days. Their enduring love story will surely make you say, "Aww!"

In addition to her loving partner, Amy is a proud mother of two amazing daughters. Her eldest, currently in Year 4, and youngest is in Year 2, both attend the same school where Amy teaches. This unique connection allows her to share the joys of both motherhood and teaching within the same educational community.

Sharing her life with adorable companions, Amy cherishes her Japanese Spitz named Shiloh (12 years) and Golden Retriever named River (2 years). 

But amidst all her roles and responsibilities, one thing remains constant: Amy's unwavering passion for teaching. Being a teacher has always been her lifelong dream, and she feels fortunate to have found her true calling in the classroom.



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