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Revise key number concepts with this number of the day/today's number is activity and worksheets such as place value, operations and writing numbers.


✩"Number Crunch" is catchy name for this number of the day activity. Print, cut and laminate then display on a classroom board. Students answer the question on paper and then mark. This activity can be done as many times a week as desired and makes for a great morning work, maths center or quick whole class maths activity.


✩Some of the questions require you to add information to make it more adjustable to different year levels. Just write over the top in whiteboard marker. 12 question numbers have been included but the amount you include will depend on ability level and time. Ensure you make clear the instructions for students about how many they need to complete. It currently includes 36 different questions.


✩Up to 3 duplicates of each number (0-9, ‘$’ a ‘.’) have been included so you can make a wide range of numbers including decimals and dollar amounts. It also includes 4 different number of the day worksheets for varying ability levels. Use for a whole class activity, laminate for a learning station or give to students who have trouble copying from the board.


Included are:

♦ Explanation pages (2 pages)

♦ 4 number of the day worksheets (4 pages)

♦ Number crunch display (27 pages)


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