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The biggest collection of spelling activities on the market! Over 150 activities that can be used for any list!!Child friendly explanation and many include an example.Keep your students amused and never get bored of spelling!

They have been grouped into the following categories:
♦Quick and easy
♦Literacy based
♦Numeracy based
♦Requiring materials
♦ Roll and Write
♦IPad/computer based
♦ Games
♦ Christmas 
♦ Easter
St. Patrick's Day

✩This package contains a PDF file for you to be able to print out as task cards for easy reference (print 4 to a page to save paper). 

✩It also contains a PowerPoint presentation for putting up on an Interactive Whiteboard during spelling time. Pre pick an activity or play roulette to see which activity the students will complete that day. Some pages may not display properly in PowerPoint if you do not have the latest version, if this happens you can always display the PDF version. All activities are hyperlinked on the contents page for easy navigation. The activities can be used with any spelling program and none are limited to phonic based lists. The themed activities ( Easter, Christmas and St. Patrick's Day are only provided in separate PDF files and do not have a hyperlinked menu.

Included are:
♦ 140 activities PowerPoint (146 pages)
♦ 140 Activities PDF (146 pages)
*Both documents are identical in content*
♦ 15 Christmas Activities (15 pages)
♦ 10 Easter Activities ( 10 pages)
♦ 10 St. Patrick's Day Activities (10 pages)

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