Complete Spelling Program-Lists, activities, grids, and more!

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A tried and tested complete spelling program that will last the entire year.
A 15-minute daily spelling program for the route memorisation of spelling words that your students will be guaranteed to love and be cheering for spelling time each day. It is motivating, effective and saves on paper!

This complete spelling package contains:

  • Comprehensive Explanation PDF (14 pages) available as preview
  • Complete Spelling Word List (4 pages) Contains words that make up 89% of written language
  • 2 Posters showing how to do Look, Say, Cover, Picture, Write, Check (2 pages)
  • All 120 lists on printable cards to make L, S, C, P, W, C easy! (30 pages) with optional backing
  • NOW INCLUDES 44 Extension lists! (13 pages)
  • Initial Test Words (1 page) for initial list placement
  • Word sleuth template (1 page)
  • Test Proformas (26 pages total)
  • 140 Spelling Activities PDF (146 pages)
  • 15 Christmas Activities (15 pages)
  • 10 Easter Activities (10 pages)
  • 10 St. Patrick's Day Activities (10 pages)
  • Spelling Certificates - colour and black and white (2 pages) for rewarding student
  • Progress- (duplicates of each are provided in case you want to print two to a page)
  • 70 Spelling Activity Sheets- for use with younger students who need proformas and templates (142 pages in colour and black and white including cover and recording page)
  • 20 Spelling Activity Grids- for use in the classroom or for homework (20 pages)
  • 12 Roll and Spell sheets in white and colour (14 pages)


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