Australian Curriculum Year 1/2 Feelings & Self Health Unit

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Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our dynamic Year 1/2 unit, where students delve into the exploration of personal qualities and the intricate ways different situations shape emotional responses. Aligned with the Health Australian Curriculum, this comprehensive resource is thoughtfully crafted to make learning both meaningful and enjoyable.

✩ Efficient Planning with Editable Planners:

  • Tailored, fully editable planners for both version 9 and version 8.4 of the Australian Curriculum, ensuring flexibility and relevance to diverse educational settings.

Comprehensive 10-Lesson Unit:

  • This unit, designed for a term, comprises 10 lessons brimming with engaging content and all necessary resources, including purposeful worksheets.

Simplicity and Focus:

  • Each lesson is strategically structured with five to six steps, providing simplicity and clarity to save you valuable time. Clear instructions emphasise key points, allowing you to prioritise student engagement and optimise learning opportunities.

Fun and Engaging Strategies:

  • Mrs Amy123 is renowned for infusing fun and engagement into lessons through a variety of cooperative learning strategies. While not every session includes worksheets, it's important to note that this deliberate choice enhances the learning experience, providing a dynamic and diverse approach to engagement and skill development

Grading Guide for Assessment Clarity:

  • Elevate your assessment process with our included grading guide, offering insights into what each grade (A-E) entails based on two key activities within the unit. This document is thoughtfully linked to the Achievement Standard for Year 1/2 Health.

Discover the joy of teaching and learning with our immersive unit, designed to foster holistic development while aligning seamlessly with the Australian Curriculum. Mrs Amy123 promises an enriching educational experience for both educators and students alike.


Included are:

♦ Editable planner ( 2 versions) (7 pages)
♦ Worksheets (6 pages)
♦ Resources (13 pages)
♦ Editable Grading Guide (1 page)
♦ Editable learning intentions and success criteria



Australian Curriculum Outcomes Covered: 

Health Version 9: Describe their personal qualities and those of others, and explain how they contribute to developing identities (AC9HP2P01)

Identify how different situations influence emotional responses (AC9HP2P03)

Health Version 8.4: Describe their own strengths and achievements and those of others, and identify how these contribute to personal identifies (ACPPS015)

Identify and practise emotional responses that account for own and other’ feelings (ACPPS020)


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