Fluency Pairs

Today, I wanted to talk to you about Fluency Pairs!

Research has shown that daily reading practice is essential for students, especially when their reading passage is at the perfect level. Fluency pairs are a great way to get this in each day, and once students know the routine, it takes less than 10 minutes!

For effective implementation, I pair my students based on their reading abilities. I pair the top half of students, ranked by reading ability, such as DIBELS scores, with the bottom half. This way, the top reader is paired with the student right in the middle of the list, creating a balanced learning environment. 

I swap partners every 5-10 weeks to keep things fresh.

I have been using UFLI decodable passages (free) for my students to read that are at the correct level of code knowledge for each of them. 

Student A reads for 3 minutes, followed by partner B, giving a ‘glow and a grow’ comment. The process is then repeated for the other partner. 

Each pair is assigned a colour, which makes grabbing their texts quick and easy. I swap them out for students at the end of each week.

While students are reading I pop around and listening to various students reading and make antidotal records.

I use a PowerPoint that already has the times for each section built in. Get it free below! 


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