Product Reveal

Mrs Amy123 is proud to release the Magnetic Level Ruler!

I had the idea for this product years ago when I was constantly frustrated at the crooked lines I would draw on the board.

So I decided to create a solution - design a ruler that incorporates levels so you’ll never get a crooked line again! Perfectionist teachers rejoice!

When designing the Magnetic Level Whiteboard Ruler, we put a lot of thought into the handle. So much so we even got a custom mould made to get it just right!

It is an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold no matter the size of your hand. No more dinky little handle that wobbles and breaks after a short time using it.

Moving into year 1, I became annoyed that my 1m ruler wouldn’t fit on my small moveable whiteboard, so this ruler will be available in two sizes, 40cm and 60cm.

The ruler features the largest numbers we could get, so even the students in the back can see! This enables every child to be able to see them, even if they are they are further away from the board.

With a full magnetic strip on the back, the ruler is sturdy and able to hold up paper, card, laminate, you name it.

This means that you can easily hold up paper, card, laminate or other items that you want to be displayed on your whiteboard. Better yet, you can use just the very outer edge of the ruler, meaning you don’t have to worry about covering up important information on the item you are displaying.

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