See what was inside the Term 1 2024 Teacher Treat Box!
It's time to reveal the contents of the Term 1 Teacher Treat box, and people are saying it's one of the best ones yet! 


Inside the Term 1 Box had:

Not one, but two editable treats! Snaps by Piranha - I know how hard we work at the beginning of the year and how hungry we get!

Date Stamp - Would you believe I have never owned a date stamp? Well, now I finally do! And let me tell you, I cannot wait to make use of it! Find this on my site here.

Punstoppable Sticker Book by Mrs Edgar - We love Mrs Edgar here at Mrs Amy123 and are so happy to have another one of her fabulous sticker books in our boxes.

Teacher Planner Stickers by Lime and Mortar - Get your diary or calendar ready for the new school year with these cute and practical stickers.

Corner Paper Clips - These triangle paper clips clip onto the corner of the paper to hold stacks together securely but still allow you to flip through them easily. Find these on my site here

12 in 1 Paper Trimmer OR a Mrs Amy123 Magnetic Level Ruler!

Discover more about my Magnetic Level Rulers here!

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