Sharing My Planning Template

Today I'm going to break down my planning process for you and show you the layout of all my documents.



The first step I take is to have a look at the curriculum for my year level. I use the checklists I created to easily do this without the large amount of excess pages you get when downloading it from ACARA. 

I then later use this document to record what I teach each term so I don't miss anything. This document is my yearly plan.


This then leads me to my term planner. I keep my term planner general so that I can get to school and complete diagnostic assessments to see what level to teach each topics. 

You can get a copy of these for years 1 to 6 using the button below. These planners are editable so you can change and tweak them as you need but we all know it is easier to go from something already started then to start from scratch.

Just click the image below to sign up to my newsletter and I will send you the link to my term planners for years 1 to 6! Including specific planners for composite classes of two year levels. 

When doing a term planner for the lower grades I like to have a theme that I can link to. I only pick the theme for term 1 after that students get to pick by brainstorming and then voting.
At the bottom of the planner you will see topics that I have a separate detailed planner for. I only do these types of planners for text types and areas other than maths and English.
An editable copy of my unit planners is available in any of my Text Type or HASS unit.
I then use all these documents to do my weekly planner which I do in the second last DOTT session the week before (I do lesson prep such as photocopying in the last). I copy and paste from the unit planners and then look at the term planner for the rest.
I have changed up my planning template many times since I became a teacher.
I started with a 1 page timetable but as my planning has become more detailed  I have had to push it out to two pages. 
I now store my timetable in a T Shape Sign Holder from Officeworks. This makes it easy for me to locate and use. I then put them in a display file to store.
This is my current template. I have Monday and Tuesday on the first page and the rest on the second. It is all one long column broken up by having a purple colour highlight the breaks and specialist subjects highlighted in another colour. 
I used to have each part of the day in its own separate part of the table but it pushed my planner out to being larger then it needed to be as not all sections contain as much information.

I have linked all my past timetables below so you can use the one that best suits you.

The documents will open up in an internet window. Click on the open button in the top right corner and select 'Open in Word 2016'. Make sure to save to your computer before you begin entering.


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