Sharing My Planning Template

Posted by Amy O'Grady on

Recently people have been asking me to share my timetable and term planning templates that I showed in a previous blog post. Click the link below to see read it again!

Do you like the image above? These planners are editable so you can change and tweak them as you need but we all know it is easier to go from something already started then to start from scratch.

Just click the image below to sign up to my newsletter and I will send you the link to my term planners for years 1 to 6! Also, including specific planners for composite classes of two year levels. 

If you're also interested in viewing my timetable template please click the link below.

The documents will open up in an internet window. Click on the open button in the top right corner and select 'Open in Word 2016'. Make sure to save to your computer before you begin entering.

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