Teaching Fire Safety

With fire prevention week just around the corner for those in the U.S of A I thought I would share with you some of the activity ideas from my Fire Safety Unit.

This cute burning building activity is a very engaging way to get students to remember key fire safety tips like 'stop, drop and roll' and call '000/911'. They love making and decorating the building and it makes a great display!

It is important whenever possible to make lessons real world based. Have students draw their house (as best as their memories will allow) and plan their own escape routes. I use a worksheet first so students can focus on escape routes and then they draw their own house on the back.

I use this as an unit assessment piece and have students write what they remember according to the prompts. I have a marking rubric in my unit below. The firemen look gorgeous up on the wall.

Making a word wall with your class can be loads of fun. Have students brainstorm words and write them on cards with students drawing pictures to explain them. Alternatively you can purchase my word wall that can be made into a fire station!

Labelling parts of a fire truck is engaging while students learn the technical names for various features. 

This activity involves students stating what fire fighters are (nouns/adjectives) what they can do (verbs) and what they have/use (nouns). It is great for brainstorming at the beginning of a fire safety.

To prepare for the Fire Flow Chart activity students each get a turn to roll play waking up to a fire alarm. They must choose the actions they would take given a continuing scenario from the teacher including consequences for dangerous actions. If the student puts their hand on the door knob before feeling for heat then they might get burnt. Sometimes the door will have a fire behind it and they may have to go through the window instead. Try and make every student have a slightly different scenario until you have exhausted every possibility including staying in their room waiting for the fire fighters to come in. Allow them to move around the classroom and use the door/objects and windows to make the scenario as real as possible. If the student makes a mistake it is the next students go just to keep the activity fast moving. After everyone has had a go allow students to complete the flow chart!

You can find all the activities mentioned and more in my Fire Safety Unit attached below.

You might also like these Fire Safety Barrier Games, attached below. 

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