Term 2 2022 Teacher Treat Box Reveal!

It has been extremely fun putting this Teacher Treat Box together.  Check out all of the goodies that were inside this box below! 

Whisper Phone

Put the whisper phone up to your ear and mouth. Whisper in one end, and you will hear it loud and clear through the other.

Whisper phones are great for practising reading fluency, speeches, or when students are proofreading their work.

Want to get your hands on these? You're in luck! I have very limited stock on my site - check them out here.  

Clear Container

The perfect size for storing your stamps, stationery or post-it notes!

Verbal Feedback Stamp from Just Stamp It

These stamps are great for when you discuss work with students directly and want to make a note of it on their work. Check out their website here.

Glitter Tape

I use this tape to mark my books in the classroom or on stationery the students must return. I also use different colours to label the different exercise books students use, so they don't get them mixed up.

White M&Ms


Crayola Colours of The World Pencils

Every student can find the colour of their skin in this pack of pencils.

Hand Sanitiser

Featuring a clasp, these are great for attaching to your duty bag or popping on your handbag when you're out on the go.

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