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What's currently included?

A Targeted Approach to Spelling (46 min $27 value)

Let me take you through my spelling program to help all students progress in learning the spelling of words.

 Writing Goals - An Essential Component of a Writing Session (23 min $69)

A PD session on how to target your students exactly where they are at in writing and raise their accountability for their own learning.

 Phonics 101 (32 min $49 value)

This session explores the very basics of phonics with a huge focus on phonological awareness.

This is the PD I wish had been around when I first started teaching. All the things I should have known but was too embarrassed to ask.

 Helping Struggling Writers (38 min $79)

Have a struggling writer in your class? Someone who is making progress or isn't even trying to write? Then this is the PD for you. I'll take you through the reasons the students are not making progress or attempting to write and then give you practical solutions to implement.

 Running Records- A Reading Assessment Tool (58 min $59)

Running records is a tool for assessing reading, including accuracy, fluency and comprehension.

Find out how to conduct a running record in this PD.

Teaching a Maths Lesson (35 min $50 value)

How do you run a maths lesson?

How do you plan out the curriculum over a school year?

I answer these questions and more in this PD session. Find out what my approach is to teaching maths and how to make your maths lessons more effective.

 Writing Maths Report Comments (23 min $49 value)

In this video, I model the process of writing maths comments for reports, from marking and grading a work sample to writing the actual comment.

 Introduction to Montessori with Lisa from Montessori Kiwi (39 min)

Discover what Montessori education is and how you can introduce the approach into your classroom.

 An Introduction to Autism (36 min $79 value)

This PD is all about Autism. It covers what Autism is and what characteristics you might see in a student. It also goes through key strategies you can implement in the classroom to assist a student with Autism.

 Effectively Manage Meetings (22 min $39 value)

In this PD session, you will learn skills to effectively manage meetings with an emphasis on team leaders running regularly scheduled meetings.

Save Time Marking (34 min $69 value)

Cut down on the time you spend marking! I will show you methods to identify key pieces of work that should be marked and those that shouldn't. Learn routines to get through your marking pile quickly and effectively. Ensure your marking is benefiting student learning and giving you the information you need.

Class Reward Systems (39 min $49 value)

Learn different ways to promote and reward positive choices and great behaviour in your classroom.

Student Seating (32 min $29 value)

Delve into the current research (or lack thereof) of seating arrangements. While flexible seating is briefly discussed, it is not the focus of the PD. Instead, we look at traditional chair and desk seating, including ways to approach seating, desk arrangements and the method I use.

Over 7 hours of PD already included!

$647 value for only $20 per month.

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What do people think of PD by Mrs Amy123? 

"Thank you so much for the access to your Professional Development sessions they have been amazing, and I feel I have been able to take away a lot from watching these." - Mel

"Amy, Thank you so much. You have good practical ideas to use for the classroom. When I discovered your website a couple of years ago, I bought units of work to help me cover the curriculum, and I have recommended your website to colleagues at school. Thank you for sharing planning units and webinars." -Sarah

"I just completed your maths program PD video, and first of all can I say thank you. It's completely transformed the way I want to do maths!" - Danielle

"Thank you for a very informative PD on Teaching Maths, especially on how to use the different strategies. I also found that your method of assessment and recording of assessments, in the form of a tracker was excellent and will definitely keep me in the loop as to where each of my students are in their learning and, of course, a huge help with reviewing Maths goals and report writing. I will definitely watch the video again as I think I would need to refer to it every now again, just as a refresher. " - Veni

Unfortunately, 123PD is currently closed to new enrolments. However, sign up below to join the waitlist and be notified when the course reopens. 



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