Alternative Uses for Mugs

Who got gifted a mug (or 6) from their students this Christmas?

Of course, we are grateful and humble for any gift we receive, but it is definitely a very common present.

I don't know about you, but I now have more mugs than I can physically drink out of! So, I've decided to get creative and find alternative uses for the cute mugs I have been gifted by my kids. 

Plant Pot:

A cute alternative use for mugs is using them as a pot for a small plant! Firstly, fill the mug with potting mix, add your desired plant (succulents are a great option!), and then finally add some small pebbles to the surface layer for decoration. These look gorgeous resting on a windowsill or can be a creative addition to your desk! 


Stationery Holders:

Another fun idea is to use a tall mug for holding stationery!

Piggy Bank:

Mugs can be great for storing all of your loose change! You can easily set them by the door, by the washer, or anywhere you seem to be collecting coins. 

Candle Holders: 

Mugs can easily be turned into super cute candle holders! There are heaps of instruction videos online to walk you through how to turn a decorative mug into a beautiful candle holder. 

Display Them: 

For the first year after I have received a mug from a student I often just display them in my room on the window ledge. 

Student Pickers: 

I also use a mug I have been gifted to store my student pickers. These are laminated strips with my students names on them. I use them when I need to pick students at random to answer questions or for a special job. They also make grouping students really easy. You can get these student pickers from my store!

Send them to the staff room:

Check your staff room for guest mugs. Many staff rooms seem to start the year with heaps of mugs, and then they slowly disappear over the year. BONUS TIP: Label them as guest cups to make it easy for relief staff and guests to know which ones to use. 

Donate Them: 

If you still have an overflowing supply of mugs, you can always donate them!

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