Term 1 2023 Teacher Treat Box Reveal!
Let’s look at what was in the Term 1 Teacher Treat Box!

Birthday Board

Celebrate student birthdays by filling out the prompts with your class. Take a picture of the birthday child holding the board, print and send home for a wonderful memento.

Page Holder

From Rosie Jay Designs, these page holders help you keep books open easily. Put your thumb through the hole and place along the spine.

Sticker & Magnet

Never forget attendance again with these handy reminders! Place the premium vinyl sticker on your laptop or iPad and use the magnet on the whiteboard. You can now purchase these on my site here!

Cactus Magnets

Grow a garden on your whiteboard with these cute magnets. They are extra strong and hold up multiple pieces of paper.

Reading Guides

These help students to track words when reading. You can also use the finger guides for word hunts or to help decode words.

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