Term 4 2022 Teacher Treat Box Reveal!

Let’s look at what was in the Term 4 Teacher Treat Box!

You can watch my full reveal video below!

Meeting Notebook from The Functional Teacher

Never miss a deadline with this A4 Meeting Notebook. Keep track of your agenda and action items and tick them off when complete. Great for parent meetings, staff meetings or committee meetings.

Metal Hairband

Meet the comfiest headband you will ever wear! Wrap it around your head, twist at the top, and tuck in the ends. Or leave them out for a different look!

Bic Charm Pen

With cute colours and a charm, who can resist this pen?

Sellotape Desktop Dispenser

The safest tape dispensing tool! It features a concealed built-in blade to prevent accidental cuts and a suctioned base for added stability.

Expo Whiteboard Markers

This 8-pack of whiteboard markers will help see you through to the end of the year!

Australian Animals Washi Tape

Cute washi tape to use in planners, notebooks, or to label students' books.

Jelly Belly Donut


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