What is inside my Term 1 2022 Teacher Treat Box?

It has been extremely fun putting this Teacher Treat Box together. It was so full that the lid only just closed! 

Check out all of the goodies that were inside this box below! 

To-Do List Notepad by Mrs Strawberry

Keep track of things to do, print and prep, emails to send, and things you need with this A5 pastel To-Do list Notepad.

Dotties Rainbow 6 Pack

Apply each Dottie to your mat/carpet to mark where students need to sit. This 6-pack is the perfect size to spread out specific students. You can also use them for activities or to mark-out boundaries. Visit dotties.com.au to order enough for every student.

Desk Organiser

Taking up very little desk space, these desk organisers can have you separating your stationery to make grabbing what you want easier.

Maxi SunScreen

Stay safe this summer by applying sunscreen before going out on duty or doing outdoor activities at school.


Glue Dots

Simple to use - just peel and stick where you would like to apply something to any surface.

Self-Care Items

The two self-care items in this term’s box are both hair related! I love the scalp massage when washing my hair to avoid breaking my nails, ensure I get a great wash, and I feel like I can wash my hair more quickly. The hair wrap saves time by drying your hair faster and conveniently gets your wet hair out of the way.


Sprinkled throughout your box are the classic Fantales! So yummy!


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