Classroom Tour 2022

This is the second year I have been in this room so it is very similar to last year's tour. A key change I made though was painting the green bricks and a lot of the brown paneling. Click here to see last years tour. 

Let's start with the student entry. I have our Class Rules above the door. We came up with these together on the first day of school (and they just happen to be the same as the rules I use every year hehe). Under that, I have the Colour Pencil Display.

This is the wall to the right. 

There is a built in desk in the room which I use as a place to put sheets and items during the day. I store all my stationery, stamps etc on the shelf about but I don't sit ever sit and work at this desk. The letters above the desk I got from TYPO and decorated with washi tape. The 'A' at the start I made as a class project out of paper mache a few years ago.

This display board has our current reward system- our jelly bean jar! Students are working towards whole class goals.  They have an individual chart and when they fill up a row, they get to put a jelly bean up. When they fill up their whole chart they also get an individual reward. 


Through this door is a small store room. I love having a sink in my classroom! All drawers have my Rainbow Labels which are a freebie in my store!

Next to the door is my Birthday Balloon Display and above that is my Write Any Numbers Display. 

The back wall features a large pin up board that I have covered in purple table cloth material (cheaper and lighter than using fabric and longer lasting than paper). We are slowly filling it up with student work. At the top, you can see my subject banners.

This is a close up of my Writing Goals Chart (another freebie on my site). I add student names on little cards to show which goal they are working on. 

Flipping around again, you can see the back entryway to my classroom that goes through to our prep area and another classroom in the left side of this image. The double doors in this picture go through to another classroom. Not a great place to have a door to their room (they also have an external door), but I am glad we were able to convince our last principal to build a wall between the classrooms. Prior to these walls it was open with moveable bulletin boards being used to divide the rooms. 

I have The Secret Stories which is an amazing approach to teaching students phonics. It was developed in America, but works well with any phonics program your school runs. Basically, each sound has a story to go with it that makes it fun and easy for students to remember the sounds.  

I also have our class library on one side. 

Following around from that, we have my group work table and mat area.

I use the u-shape table for working with small groups and one-on-one. It's also where I spend my prep time but I like to keep it empty to maintain function.

Behind the desk is my Weekly Timetable Display (printed 4 to a page) and literacy group display. On the whiteboard. I have my No Fuss Flip Calendar and handwriting lines from Magnificient Learning Supplies.

My mat area has a moveable whiteboard and sit spots to mark out where students are able to sit. It can be hard to make this area work right due to the location of the T.V. so I often change this up during the year.



That brings up back around to the student entrance.

To the right of the entrance is a small off shoot area. I use this for storing my resources for maths, English etc. I also have the traditional teacher desk back here that I don't use. 

My standing desk is also located back here and is currently being used to store our home readers.  


On the students' desks, you will notice their name tags are a range of colours. This is because students pick the colour for their name tag on the first day of school, and they then add their own name and decorate. This helps to make them feel like they belong in our room. 

I love the change in my classroom from last year to this year. Having a few more white walls just makes the whole room feel brighter and more open. There are a few colourful pops to keep it engaging but not overwhelming.

I hope you enjoyed coming on the tour with me!


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Looks like an amazing room, and noticed you got rid of the time green. :)
I see you are using decodable readers Amy, do you read individually or in a round robin fashion? Are you using a combo of decodable and levelled readers? Also do the science of reading theories mean you make adjustments to your reading group activities.

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