What's In The Term 4 Teacher Treat Box?


Want a peek into my Term 4 Teacher Treat Box? This box had a few hiccups along the way, but I'm excited to show you what is inside! I loved hearing from all the teachers who got their hands on one and about the items they are now obsessed with!

Check out the video below where I take you through all the items in the Term 4 box! 

Sunflower Lanyard by Lanyards by Zoe

These beautiful lanyards are sure to put a smile on your face each day.

Tootsie Roll


Teacher Bracelet 

Stacking bracelets are all the rage at the moment, and I loved these the minute I saw them.

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Metallic Markers:

A gold and silver marker are staples in my classroom. I use them on students' birthday cards, posters and signs, and to draw borders on students work to make them pop!

Post-it Notes:

I love these cute post-it notes and use them all the time in my class. They are great for marking pages in kids books to come back to later.

Washi Tape by Mister Moose:

How gorgeous is this washi tape from MisterMoose!  

This sustainable washi tape features six different species of turtles that swim and nest in Australian waters. The original design was hand-painted in watercolours. You can use it to decorate your planner or label student books.

Be sure to check out the rest of Isabelle’s range on Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/MisterMooseShop 


Mouse Pad

These stunning mousepads are exclusive to the Teacher Treat box, and you will not get them anywhere else. They featuring the kangaroo paw in watercolour by Australian artist Keeley O'Grady.

Mask Air Freshener

Keep your classroom smelling amazing with these wonderful sprays!

I love using air fresheners in my classroom.   

It is a fantastic way to get rid of any funky smells. In the upper school, I used it every day after lunch. In lower school, I use it anytime someone lets off a stinky.   

Whenever I use a new scent, I always make sure to check in with my students to ensure everyone is happy with me using it. Some smells can have negative effects - like certain smells give me a headache.   

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