Australian Curriculum Year 1/2 Keeping Healthy Health Unit

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In this Year 1/2 unit, students investigate a range of health messages and practices in their community and discuss their purpose, while addressing aspects of the Health Australian Curriculum.

✩ It is a 10 lesson unit (designed to be taught over a term) that contains all lesson resources including worksheets.

✩ Includes separate planners for version 9 and version 8.4 of the Australian Curriculum.

✩ The editable planner includes relevant Australian Curriculum links.

✩ The lessons are kept simple and succinct, five to six steps each, to help you save time. The clear instructions highlight the key points, allowing you to focus on the students and make the most of the learning opportunities.

✩ Mrs Amy123 is known for its fun and engaging lessons that involve a wide range of cooperative learning strategies. This means that some lessons will not feature worksheets, though many will.

✩ This unit also includes a grading guide that shows what each grade (A-E) would look like based on two activities from the unit. This document is also linked to the Achievement Standard for Year 1/2 Health.

Included are:
♦ Editable planner x 2 versions (5 pages)
♦ Worksheets (5 pages)
♦ Resources (26 pages)
♦ Editable Grading Guide (1 page)
♦ Editable learning intentions and success criteria

Version 9 Outcomes covered:
  • Investigate a range of health messages and practices in their community and discuss their purpose (AC9HP2P06)

Version 8.4 Outcomes covered:
  • Recognise situations and opportunities to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS018)
  • Examine health messages and how they relate to health decisions and behaviours (ACPPS021)
  • Identify and explore natural and built environments in the local community where physical activity can take place (ACPPS023)

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