3D Shape Activity Building Project

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This 3D Shape Activity Building Project is an awesome activity for reviewing shapes, examining view points and having a lot of fun!
In this project, students design their building by first choosing 3-4 3D shapes and then have to draw 2D representations of each viewpoint of their building. They must then select the appropriate nets and convert their 2D representation onto the nets before colouring and assembling them.

Project Includes:

  • Instructions covering 4 lessons (2 pages)
  • Nets (6 pages)
    The nets are offered in 'easy tab' version only to make assembly the small nets easier.
  • Design sheet (1 page)
  • Reflection Sheet (1 page)

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

  • Year 5 Mathematics outcome: Connect three-dimensional objects with their nets and other two-dimensional representations (ACMMG111)
  • This activity can also be integrated with HASS as students can set up a small community, name it and provide it with a government and name. 

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