Australian Curriculum Year 3 Mathematics Test Bundle

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Includes update to version 9 of the Australian Curriculum in addition to a version for 8.4.

This is a bundle of 3 test packs that assess students achievement of the outcomes in Maths in the Australian Curriculum over the course of a year in Number & Algebra, Statistics & Probability and Measurement & Geometry. It contains three tests for each strand; initial, mid and final.

The initial tests determines whether students have met the end of year requirements for year 2 given within the first weeks of the year. The mid tests checks to see the students progress on the Year 3 outcomes near the end of semester 1. The final tests determines if students have met the Year 3 outcomes near the end of the year. The mid and final tests are identical in question type and each cover all the outcomes.


Includes a set for version 8.4 of the Australian Curriculum and version 9. WA teachers should use version 8.4 which aligns to their curriculum.

 Included are:

  • Initial Test (Based on Year 2 Outcomes) X 3
  • Mid Test X 3
  • Final Test X 3
  • Answer Keys for all tests
  • Testing Conditions for each test
  • Data Recording Sheet (9 pages)

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    It identifies students who may need further testing to be eligible for an ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade while also showing where students are at with their understanding if they have not yet met requirements.

     The first page of each test contains all the ACARA outcomes for each strand and which questions they relate to for easy identification of whether they have achieved them or not.

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