Birthday Balloon Display

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A bright and colourful way to display the birthdays of students in your classroom! 

Just print in the desired size, laminate and then arrange. Spread the balloons out as much or as little as you wish. Save on coloured ink by using the black and white balloons supplied and printing on coloured paper.

dd students names either with a whiteboard marker or blu tac names tags on.

This download contains:

  • Coloured Balloons (12 pages)
  • Black and White Balloons (12 pages)
    Both coloured and black and white balloons are in the same PDF file so select pages before printing.



This product is not editable 


This file is zipped. Once downloaded right click the file and select ‘extract all’ to open. 


Please note I am an Australian seller and unless otherwise stated the product uses Australian English. This should not affect the use of this product in other countries. 


Terms of Use:

✔You may use this product for classroom and personal use.

✖You may not share this product digitally or as a hard copy or upload it to the internet.

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