Character Traits Vocabulary Pack- Word Lists, Flash Cards & Activities

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Help your students broaden their vocabulary with this pack covering character traits. 

There are 8-word lists covering strengths, positive, negative, and mixed traits with each having a lower (easier) and upper (harder) list and containing 24 words (192 words total).

It also has resources to help your students learn and use the words. I recommend choosing either the lower or harder set for your students and then studying one list each week.

Also includes an editable PowerPoint that contains everything you need in it to successfully introduce the words to the students. It has the word used in sentences, definition, antonyms, synonyms, morphology and segmentation.

Contents of this package:

  • Contents Explanation and Lesson Plan (4 pages)
  • Word List Posters- Lower and Upper List (8 pages)
  • Editable Presentation- include words used in sentence, definition, antonyms, synonyms, morphology and phonemes (600 pages)
  • Definitions- Teacher Reference (8 pages)
  • Student Word Lists (8 pages)
  • Small Flash Cards- 12 to a page (16 pages)
  • Large Flash Cards- 2 to a page (96 pages)
  • Activities- Definition Match (16 pages)
  • Word Wall Display (5 pages)
  • Ranking Vocabulary Poster (1 page)
  • Worksheet (1 page)
  • Bracelet Designs (students choose a word to add) (13 pages)

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