Christmas Punctuation Worksheets- Commas, full stops, question marks & more

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Teach or revise punctuation in a fun way with this punctuation pack.
It contains 11 worksheet pages (and a student cover page) that are packed to the brim with relevant, interesting and explicit learning opportunities. Each worksheet starts with a definition and increases in difficulty so every student will be challenged. 

I recommend when using these sheets as part of an introduction to punctuation to go through questions one at a time with the class with examples on the board before allowing students to tackle that specific question on the worksheet individually. When using as revision worksheets allow students to attempt all questions explaining that the last question is a challenge for the smarty pant in the class. All worksheets come with an answer key. For period/full stop and speech/quotation marks there are alternative name pages included for the worksheets.

Pack Includes: 

  • Punctuation Book Cover (1 page)
  • 11 Worksheets (11 pages)
  • 11 Answer Keys (11 pages)
  • 2 Alternative Names (2 pages)

These worksheets go great with my Punctuation Posters

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