Composite Year 3/4 Science Units- Australian Curriculum

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Includes update to version 9 of the Australian Curriculum in addition to a version for 8.4. ✓ Editable Unit Planner ✓ Grading Guide ✓ Editable PowerPoint ✓ Worksheets ✓ Success Criteria/Learning Intentions


This is a pack of units that address ALL the Year 3 and 4 Science outcomes from the Australian Curriculum.


These units are for teacher who need to fit both Year 3 and 4 outcomes into a single 1 hour Science unit each week.


This pack is NOT for teachers who teach a straight Year 3 or 4 class. Due to having to condense all the outcomes these units do not go in to as much detail about each concept as you should when you have a straight year level classroom.  Please also not that this pack contains resources that are sold separately. You can find individual units here.


Included are:

♦ Editable Planners

♦ Lesson resources including answer keys

Version 9 units include:

♦ Editable Grading Guide

♦ Editable learning intentions and success criteria

♦ Editable PowerPoint Presentation



Version 9:

♦ Biological Science: Students compare characteristics of living and non- living things including life cycles, food chains and interactions.

♦ Physical Science:

2 x 5 lesson mini units. Unit 1: Students identify sources of heat energy and how temperature changes when heat is transferred from one object to another.

Unit 2: Students explore how force can be exerted by one object on anotherand investigate the effect of frictional, gravitational and magnetic forces on the motion of objects.

♦ Chemical Science: Students investigate the observable properties of solids and liquids and causes of changes to state. They also explore how natural and processed materials have a range of physical properties that can influence their use.

♦ Earth and Space Science: 2 x 5 lesson mini units

Unit 1: Students explore the properties of rocks, soil and minerals and why they are important Earth resources.

Unit 2: Students identify sources of water and describe key processes in the water cycle.


Version 8.4:

♦ Biological Science

♦ Physical Science (2 x 5 lesson mini units)

♦ Chemical Science

♦ Earth and Space Science


✩ At 5-7 pages each the planners features five to six steps for each lesson, keeping it simple and succinct. Teachers need to use their own skill to ensure the lesson remains explicit and teaching opportunities are not missed.


✩ These units also includes grading guides that shows what each grade (A-E) would look like based on two activities from each unit. This documents are also linked to the Achievement Standard for Year 1 and 2 HASS.


✩ This Science unit also contains an editable PowerPoint presentation that can be displayed during each lesson. It includes the learning intentions/success criteria, key discussion points, worksheets and display resources. This makes teaching every lesson even easier if your classroom has a T.V or Smartboard.


THIS PACK CONTAINS RESOURCES THAT ARE ALSO SOLD SEPARATELY. If another resource says it is included in a year 3 or 4 Science then there is a good chance it will also be in this bundle (but not guaranteed).


→ Please note, other than where stated, this product is not editable.


→ Please note, this file is zipped. Once downloaded, right-click the file and select ‘extract all’ to open. 

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An absolute lifesaver

Having a split class group and only 50min per week to teach science, this unit has been fantastic. Everything included. Thankyou


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