Easter Adjectives Activity

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This is a fun activity exploring adjectives and their impact on writing with an Easter theme!

For use as a whole class, group or learning centre activity. This download includes 6 story templates with empty boxes for adjectives. Students fill up these spots using one of the options below and according to what you would like them to focus on.

Three ways to use:

  • Option 1: Print pages 4 to 9 and photocopy. Students write their own adjectives in the boxes.
  • Option 2: Print and laminate pages 4 to 9 and allow students to use whiteboard markers to add adjectives to the boxes.
  • Option 3: Print and laminate pages 4 to 9 and the adjectives on pages 10 to 13 then use them to fill in the blanks.
    You may need to print duplicates of some pages depending on your chosen usage.

Activity focuses can include:

  • Exploring adjectives and what they are
  • Learning to use commas in a sentence
  • Hearing the difference adjectives can make to a story
  • Learning new vocabulary
  • Alliteration
  • Use of an/a
  • Genre

Resource Includes:

  • Story templates ( 6 pages)
  • 108 Adjectives (3 pages)
  • Teacher explanation (1 pages)


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