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This First Aid Unit features engaging and educational learning activities to teach students basic first aid techniques, including the concept of DRS ABCD and what to do in an emergency.

A complete first aid unit comprising of 10 lessons. Fun, cooperative learning strategies are used throughout, such as round robin and jigsaw while utilising a wide variety of recording documents such as retrieval charts, flow charts and Venn diagrams. T

The videos and games listed in this activity are from a variety of countries as I have sort the most up to date and child friendly activities. Encourage your students to correct the activities when/if they say the wrong emergency number. I find this helps get the correct number firmly implanted in their heads.

 At four pages the planner features five to six steps for each lesson, keeping it simple and succinct. Teachers need to use their own skill to ensure the lesson remains explicit and teaching opportunities are not missed. The planner is multi- aged adjust to your level as necessary. This may include higher or lower expectations of work completions and more or less assistance from the teacher when completing activities.

Two files have been provided so that all resources are either 000 (Australia) or 911 (American). Please contact me prior to purchase if you would like me to include another emergency number.

Unit Includes:

  • 1 Multi-age editable planner (5 pages)
  • 11 Step posters (11 pages)
  • 3 DRS ABCD designs (3 pages)
  • 7 worksheets (7 pages)
  • 3 lesson resources (15 pages)
  • 1 unit test and answer key (4 pages)
  • 1 unit certificate (1 page)

Step Posters Cover:

  • Chocking
  • Burns
  • Bites -Funnel-web and mouse spiders and snake bites
  • Stings-Bees and other spider bites
  • Nosebleed
  • Sprain
  • Bleeding
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Electric Shock
  • Asthma
  • Poison

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