Fluency Pair Whisper Phones 10 Pack

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Introducing the Fluency Pair Whisper Phones!

All the benefits of a normal whisper phones but now another student (or adult) can hear as well!


Put the whisper phone up to your ear and mouth. Whisper in one end, and you will hear it loud and clear through the other. Have another student sit close and put their ear up to the other end. 

Whisper phones are great for practicing reading fluency, speeches, or for when students are proofreading their work.

The whisper phones are 16cm high and approximately 17 cm wide with a diameter of 2cm. The Fluency Pair Whisper Phone works best with students who are of similar height when students are seated in chairs. If on the floor, students can use pillows or different ways of sitting to be able to get the correct height to use the phones.

This listing is for a 10 pack of whisper phones.

Made of PVC pipe, the phones are easy to clean. Simply use a damp cloth, sanitising or baby wipe 

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