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Includes update to version 9 of the Australian Curriculum in addition to a version for 8.4. ✓ Editable Unit Planner ✓ Worksheets ✓ Success Criteria/Learning Intentions


A 10 week unit exploring the concept of family and how they communicate and commemorate, addressing aspects of the Humanities and Social Science Foundation Australian Curriculum.


✩It features ~50 fun and engaging activities to pick from following a ten week sequenced plan. Each week includes an introduction activity (mat based) and a play based activity. Then there are 2 to 4 activities other activity suggestions to choose from including painting, hands on activities, discussions and books to read.

✩At ten pages, the planner is succinct in giving the key information needed but are not full lesson scripts. Most lessons require resources such as paint, natural items such as leaves and sand and are not worksheet/template based. Some activities and assessments may require an adult to annotate answers.


Included are:

♦ Editable Planner (10 pages)

♦ Worksheets (including answer keys) (44 pages)

♦ Resources (9 pages)

♦ Editable Grading Guide (1 page)

♦ Editable learning intentions and success criteria


Version 9 Outcomes covered:

History: The people in their family, where they were born and raised, and how they are related to each other (AC9HSFK01)

The celebrations and commemorations of significant events shared with their families and others (AC9HSFK02)

Inquiry Skills: Questioning and researching: Pose questions about familiar objects, people, places and events (AC9HSFS01)

Sort and record information and data including pictorial timelines and locations on pictorial maps or models (AC9HSFS02)

Interpreting, analysing and evaluating: Share a perspective on information, such as stories about significant events and special places (AC9HSFS03)

Concluding and decision-making: Draw conclusions in response to questions (AC9HSFS03)

Communicating: Share narratives and observations, using sources and terms about the past and places (AC9HSFS05)


Version 8.4 Outcomes covered:

History: Who the people in their family are, where they were born and raised and how they are related to each other (ACHASSK011)

How they, their family and friends commemorate past events that are important to them (ACHASSK012)

How the stories of families and the past can be communicated, for example, through photographs, artefacts, books, oral histories, digital media and museums (ACHASSK013)



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