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    These grouping cards are a simple and easy way to quickly group your students into a wide variety of groups.

    Hand out the cards to the students and then tell them what part of the card they must look at to group themselves.

    There are two sets of cards in this download. One is for a class size of 24 and the other a class size of 30. While they are best suited to these exact numbers you can pick the closest to your class numbers and remove cards or print duplicates of cards to accommodate slighter smaller or larger class sizes. The removed cards must be carefully selected to ensure the right sized groups can still be made and every time you change the size of the groups needed you would have to recheck the cards that you have removed. If you a have a few more students you could pair two-up or reward a student/s by having them pick their own group.

    Introduce the cards to students by making it a game. Call out a grouping category and the group that gets together the quickest wins. Use this game before group activities to solve the problem of students swapping cards to get in a group with their friends, as students won’t know which time will be their actual group.
    Strategically hand out cards to avoid certain students being in the same group. Assign leaders to groups by handing out cards in advance.

    Included are:

    • Explanation pages (2 pages)
    • 24 Grouping Cards (3 pages)

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