Japanese Display Pack - Numbers, Colours & Calendar

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This pack is great for any classroom where Japanese is taught.

It contains romaji (English spelling) not Kanji (symbols).

It contains posters for the numbers 1-10 and the main colours (includes two options for grey and pink). Pick between comic book or foundation font.

The calendar is great for displaying the date in Japanese and comes with days of the week, months, dates and years. Print, laminate, cut and then combine the pieces to create an easy to use flip-calendar! Simply flip to the next date, day, month and year. No need to have to store pieces or assist students to update the calendar. JUST FLIP! If you would prefer a different colour scheme for the calendar, please contact me before purchase, and I'll see what I can do. No translations for the days or months have been provided in this download.

This download contains:

  • Numbers display 1-10 - Comic font (10 pages)
  • Numbers display 1-10 - foundation font (10 pages)
  • 11 Coloured Pencils (two versions of grey and pink) (7 pages)
  • 11 Coloured Pencils (two versions of grey and pink (7 pages)
  • Flip Calendar with dates, days, months and years (20 pages)

Print A3 or A4 or multiple pages to a page for smaller displays. Laminate for longevity.

As there are a few versions of romaji please check carefully to see if this is what you utilise in your classroom, otherwise message me before purchase and I will change it to your needs. Numbers: ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku, nana, hachi, ku and ju. July is shichi-gatsu.

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