Low Tech Algorithms

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In this download, you will get cards for students to make basic algorithms for others to follow.

This allows students to learn the very basics of algorithms/coding without the need for technology.

It is recommended to laminate cards for longevity.

You will need to print the cards as many times as the number of groups you have.

I put my students into groups of three for this activity. One student made the algorithm, one read it out and while the third followed it.

You could also have targets in the room that the students must write an algorithm to get to.

A blank template has been included for students to create their own. They could use a whiteboard marker to draw on them if they have been laminated or texta if not laminated.

Australian Curriculum Alignment:

  • Great for Year 1 Digital Technologies Australian Curriculum outcomes.

Included are: 

  • Explanation (2 pages)
  • Cards - 6 to a page (4 pages)
  • Blank template (1 page)

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