Magnetic Level Whiteboard Ruler - 60cm

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 Mrs Amy123 is proud to release the Magnetic Level Ruler!

Everything you need and more!

Have you ever tried to rule a straight line on your whiteboard and been frustrated with the results?

The Magnetic Level Whiteboard Ruler is the solution! With built-in spirit levels, you'll get amazing results every time!


You can achieve a straight vertical or horizontal line with two levellers built into the handle. Achieve a straight, level line in one of three ways:

  1. Hover the ruler close to the board, holding the handle or either end of the ruler. Once level, apply to the board - it helps if you have your wrists leaning on the board.
  2. Apply one end to the whiteboard and then use the other end to level the ruler before applying to the board.
  3. Apply to board and push on either end to get it level. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of the page if you wish to use this method.

The ruler features a comfortable grip handle designed to fit all hand sizes - no more squished fingers or loose handles. This 60cm version also features nudge bars to help with this process. 

The ruler is easy to move around at a handy 60cm in length.

The ruler features extra-large numerals, so even the students in the back can see! Both centimetres and millimetres are shown.

The ruler features a magnetic backing strip, which allows it to hold firm on any whiteboard. This sturdy ruler is also able to hold up paper, card, laminate - you name it! 

We don't want to brag, but you can even use the ruler to ensure all your wall displays are level when putting them up. No more crooked displays!

Comes fully assembled.  

 Cleaning: The ruler can be cleaned with a damp cloth or whiteboard cleaner.

Disclaimer: Please ensure your whiteboard is free from residue/debris if you wish to slide the ruler around. The ruler has a firm magnet, and if there is anything stuck behind it when you move the ruler, it may scratch your whiteboard. MrsAmy123 is not responsible for any damage to whiteboards.

Note that rulers may be 1-2 degrees out. 

 Designed in Australia, manufactured in China.

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