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Want a fun way to fire up your student's brains and review key concepts learnt? In this download you will get 50 mental maths sorts - enough for one per student, per day for one term.

In this download you will get 50 mental math sorts each containing 12 squares - enough for one per student, per day for one term.

Each set of 10 sorts contain the same question types. Each set of 10 sorts get progressively harder and is colour coded to avoid mixed up squares.

Concepts covered include addition, subtraction, money, multiplication, division, money, place value, time and shapes.


Students are given a sort and then read each question and find the matching square with the answer on it. Once complete, students should be able to trace over the line trail made from start to end to help them mark their work. An underline has been put at the bottom of any squares that could be placed upside down.

Print, laminate and cut, leaving the top section in one piece but cutting the bottom section into individual squares. Store each sort with a paper clip or in a zip lock bag.

Please note this product involves an hour plus prep of cutting and laminating.

Aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Year 2, 3 and 4 skills.

UK version with Euro now included.

cut and paste version is also available separately.


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