Mental Math Sorting Puzzles - Middle

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Want a fun way to fire up your student's brains and review key concepts learnt? In this download you will get 50 mental math sorts - enough for one per student, per day for one term.

Each set of 10 sorts contain the same question types. Each set of 10 sorts get progressively harder and is colour coded to avoid mixed up squares.

✩Concepts covered include addition, subtraction, money, multiplication, division, money, place value and time. 

✩Students are given a sort and then must solve the puzzle by making correct number sentences and sequences across each row. Once complete it will make a rectangle shape. 

✩Print, laminate and cut, leaving the top section attached to the piece labelled start. Store each sort with a paper clip or in a zip lock bag.

✩Please note this product involves an hour plus prep of cutting and laminating. 

✩ Aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Year 2, 3 and 4 skills. Due to the problem solving nature involved it is recommended to be used with year 3s at the end of the year, year 4s and year 5s to review and practice concepts. 

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