Mental Math Sorting Squares - Middle - Cut & Paste

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In this download, you will get 50 mental math sorts each containing 12 squares - enough for one per student, per day for one term.

Each set of 10 sorts contain the same question types. Each set of 10 sorts get progressively harder and is colour coded to avoid mixed up squares.

Concepts covered include addition, subtraction, money, multiplication, division, money, place value, time and shapes.

Give copies of the sorts to your students and have them cut the bottom set of squares up. Make sure they do not cut the top section. Then have students complete the sort and either glue down the squares directly onto the top section when finished or glue it underneath in the correct order.

Once complete, students should be able to trace over the line trail made from start to end to help them mark their work. An underline has been put at the bottom of any squares that could be placed upside down.

Australian Curriculum Alignment: 

  • Aligned to the Australian Curriculum for Year 2, 3 and 4 skills.

This is also available separately in a coloured version to be laminated Mental Maths Sorting Squares Middle.

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