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Want a fun way to fire up your student's brains and review key concepts learnt? In this download you will get 50 mental maths sorts - enough for one per student, per day for one term.

✩Each set of 10 sorts contain the same question types. Each set of 10 sorts get progressively harder and is colour coded to avoid mixed up strips.


✩Concept covered include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions (including adding and subtracting), decimals (including adding, subtraction and multiplication), factors, multiples, composite numbers, square numbers, triangular numbers, prime numbers, rounding, place value, integers and counting, While not all questions may be considered mental maths, students can use skills in estimation and reasonableness of answers to assist in finding the solutions.



✩Students are given a sort and must find the strip with 'start' written on it. They then read the first question and find the next strip that has the answer on it. You may wish to time how long it takes the students to do each sort for extra challenge or motivation.


✩Print, laminate and cut the strips so that each strip contains an answer and a question. Store each sort with an elastic band or in a zip lock bag.

Print pages and leave whole to act as answer keys for students to mark their own work. Print sorts two to a page to save paper.


✩There is only one solution for each sort but there may be two possible answers for some questions. If students reach the ‘finish’ strips and have leftovers they will need to work out where a strip needs inserting.


✩Some questions have been abbreviated to fit e.g. No. =number and ‘Round to’ …means rounding to the nearest…


✩For the ‘factors of’ questions the answer is never one.


✩Suitable for grades 5 through 7. (Some of the sorts may be used in year 4 towards the end of the year as a practice activity)


These sorts are also available separately as black and white cut and paste versions.


See the full range of Mental Maths Sorting resources here.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Chris M McCan
Student Favourite

These have been a wonderful resource in my classroom. I love them and the students love them as well.
Can be used in multiple ways; as a settling activity, rotation station, small group work or individual focus activity.
Great investment.

Kirsty Frazer

This resource is awesome! So much that I printed the first 15 and the kids asked if I have any more of them.


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