Multiplication/Times Table Posters, Flash Cards and More! Many design options!

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This Multiplication/Times Table Poster, Flash Cards and More Pack has absolutely everything you need to assist your students to learn their multiplication facts.

Pack Includes:

  • Multiplication charts for display – 10 designs included. Print in A4 or A3 (13 x 2). 
  • One set of multiplication chart cheat sheets for display- quick references to help students remember some of the times tables. Featuring algebra links that make times tables a breeze (7 pages)
  • One set of coloured flash cards (20 pages)
    The colour of each times table within the above documents is the same to assist students to memorise the facts.
  • One set of black and white flash cards (10 pages)
  • Lesson ideas (5 pages)
  • Multiplication game ideas (4 pages)
  • Assessment checklist (PDF file) (1 page)

Please note this is purely about rote memorisation of the multiplication facts and does not include anything about background knowledge/deeper understanding of multiplication. It is strongly recommended that that is explained to them first.

*Don't like the current designs? Recommend a theme and you might just get your wish!*

→ Other than where stated, this product is not editable 

→ This file is zipped. Once downloaded, right-click the file and select ‘extract all’ to open. 

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