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This is a set of 96 narrative prompt cards covering characters, setting and problems to inspire narrative writing.

Print, laminate and cut out the cards. The character cards are green, setting cards are blue, and problem cards are purple. Page 3 includes optional cover cards for each aspect and 22 to 24 includes backings for the cards if desired, just print off 8 copies of each. Print two pages to a sheet for smaller cards.

Students can use their creativity to decide what each picture represents and most are open to several interpretations. Is it a farm sheep or a talking sheep? Is it a problem about talking too much or losing your voice?

Randomly assign one of each coloured cards to the students. This can be done by handing them out, passing them around upside down or pulling them out of a hat. Students then use them to create a story.

With 32 of each coloured card, this can be used as a whole class activity or just given to students who need a bit of extra help.

These picture cards are great for any age and can be used for a wide variety of activities including writing stories in groups or non-narrative-based activities

Also includes a cheat sheet page for what the cards can represent if you get stuck.

Resource Includes:

  • Explanation page (1 page)
  • Card pack covers (1 page)
  • Card cheat sheet (1 page)
  • 3 card backings (3 pages)
  • 32 setting cards (8 pages)
  • 32 character cards (8 pages)
  • 32 problem cards (8 pages)

 Please note, this resource is included in my Narrative Writing Units. 

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