Narrative Writing Unit - Year 3 and 4

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This package is a complete 10 week unit on narrative writing. It includes two planners for year 3 and 4 based on Australian Curriculum outcomes and features a variety of interesting teaching strategies. All worksheets, posters and assessments are included. 

Included are: 
♦ Year 3 Planner (5 pages)
♦ Year 4 Planner (5 pages)
♦ Posters and planners (including US & Aus spelling) (8 pages)
♦ Narrative Prompt Picture Cards (29 pages)
♦ Amazing Adjectives Activity (10 pages)
♦ lesson resources (6 pages)
♦ Assessment resources (3 pages)

✩At five pages the planners feature five to six steps for each lesson, keeping it simple and succinct. Teachers need to use their own skill to ensure the lesson remains explicit and teaching opportunities are not missed.

The package contains posters, prompts and activities that are also sold separately:
Amazing Adjectives ActivityNarrative Posters and Planners and Narrative Picture Prompt Cards

✩Many of the resources can be used time and time again through out the year.

✩*2 assessment checklists have been included in editable format as well as PDF but no responsibility is taken by MrsAmy123 for the formatting of these documents once opened. 

✩I have used this unit in my classroom with pleasing results. Enjoy! 


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