Place Value Cakes- Hundreds Activity

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Place value cakes are a fun way to learn place value and allow students to understand numbers are made up of parts.

Makes a great whole class or learning centre activity!

Expose students to the concept that numbers are made up of ingredients. The ingredients for the number 758 are 700, 50 and 8 or could also be said as t hundreds. 5 tens and 8 ones. Get students to tell you the ingredients for a variety of numbers using the idea of making a cake.

Then use this set for a whole class game (24 cakes) where students are given the ‘icing’ (whole number) and must find the ingredients which are spread out on the floor or a table. Prepare this activity by printing, laminating and then cutting each cake into 3 pieces.

For a follow-up lesson, get students to make up their own cakes. The cupcakes can also be used as a group or independent activity and can form a quick and fun assessment strategy.


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